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How to be a Good Mentor

How to be a Good Mentor We can all think of at least one person whose path has crossed our own and left us forever the better for it. Maybe this person arrived at a time in our life when we were feeling negative, discouraged, uninspired, or outmatched by life"s challenges. After time spent in … [Continue Reading...]


Fat Chat is No Light Matter

Fat Chat is No Light Matter As an eating disorders therapist and woman who spent the majority of my life in the grip of a weight and food obsession, I walk around with my antennae tuned in to whatever might help me understand how we got ourselves into this mess. Obesity is now considered an … [Continue Reading...]


Eating Disorders and Physical Disability

Eating Disorders and Physical Disability Few people are aware that eating disorders are common in individuals with physical disabilities.* This lack of knowledge can cause difficulty in both general counseling and eating disorder treatment programs. In an effort to shed light on these issues, I … [Continue Reading...]

Treatment for Adolescents and Young Children

Treatment for Adolescents & Young Children A growing concern in the field of eating disorders is the increasingly earlier onset and prevalence of these illnesses in the childhood and young adolescent populations. Historically, anorexia nervosa tends to have a higher occurrence at … [Continue Reading...]